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The Eldercare Resource Articles above are written to help you understand the need for and the process of planning for long term care.
There are four key steps to successful long term care planning.
1. Knowledge & Preparation
2. Proper Funding
3. Using Long Term Care Professionals
4.Creating a Personal Care Plan and Choosing a Care Coordinator
Attitudes towards Aging often Affect Health

October 27, 2017

Among the myriad of wonderful ideas available to caregivers for coping with the care of a loved one, some strategies that can influence the attitude of care recipients are often neglected. On strategy, simply put, is cultivating a more positive attitude towards aging. This can have a profound effect on the health of a care recipient.

Many elderly buy into the notion that they themselves are no longer useful and are a burden to others. As a result, the aging make little attempt to keep themselves healthy and active. After all, they are getting closer to the end of their lives and have no desire to try new things or to challenge themselves or to eat or exercise properly.

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