Guide to Long Term Care Planning

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- The National Care Planning Council (2015)

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Welcome to the National Care Planning Council's

Guide to Long Term Care Planning

Below are 35 in-depth chapters (totaling over 700 printable pages) from 8 experts covering all areas of long-term care planning, or as it's more commonly called, elder care planning.

Understanding Long Term Care

1. About Long Term Care

2. About Caregiving

3. About Long Term Care at Home

4. About Home Telehealth

5. About Adult Day Care

6. About Retirement Care Communities

7. About Assisted Living

8. About Nursing Homes

9. About Hospice Care

10. About Telehospice Care

11. About Medicare

12. About Medicaid Long Term Care

13. About Veterans Long Term Care Benefits

14. About the National Aging Network

15. About Depression in Elderly Care Recipients

16. About Medical Care for the Elderly

17. About Elder Abuse

18. About Assistive Technology and Remote Monitoring

Planning for Long Term Care

1. The Need for Long Term Care Planning

2. The Process of Long Term Care Planning

3. Knowing Who to Contact for Help

4. Paying the Cost of Care

5. Long Term Care Insurance

6. Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Loss of Capacity

7. Medicaid Planning

8. Using Life Settlements

9. Using a Reverse Mortgage

10. Using a Care Manager

11. The Caregiver's Handbook

12. Medicare Advantage Plans and Supplement Insurance

13. Elder and Family Mediation Services

14. Using Professional Home Care Services

15. Community Aging Services and Senior Centers

16. Using End-of-Life Services

17. Funeral Trusts - The Great Debate

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